• Dominique-Ann Coffin
    The members of our family, as well as our extended family (our 30 employees) have been most appreciative of Mr Donvito’s precious advice for the past 20 years. We can always count on Mr Donvito’s discreetness and professionalism for sound advice. Everyone welcomes his contagious “joie de vivre” and we are most appreciative of his friendly reminders or follow-up calls.​
    Dominique-Ann Coffin
    LCC Wines & Spirits
  • Chris Wright
    As partners in a family-run business, Terry and Pat brought a unique understanding of our business’ needs and challenges to the table and were able to present us with clear solutions that fit not only our business and our plans for its future but also our personal needs as well.​
    Chris Wright
    Windermere Capital
  • Jim Wyant​​
    Faced with an awkward issue relating to my insurance coverage, I was introduced to Terry O’Neill by my financial advisors. He analyzed the problem and formulated a strategy that resolved it without loss. Since then, he has been consistently helpful and available. His advice and support have been much appreciated and his considerable knowledge of the insurance market has been a great asset to me and my family.​
    Jim Wyant​​
  • David McLernon
    Donvito O’Neill Gagné & Associates has been our insurance broker/advisor for most of our companies’ benefit programs for the past 30 years. They have provided us with a full range of benefit programs with exceptional service at very competitive rates. Pat and his team are always quick to respond to our changing needs. We have been extremely satisfied with their services over many years.​
    David McLernon
    Acer McLernon Multipak Ltd.
  • Alfonso Gentile, Craig Munro
    Our business really is dependent on each partner. If something were to happen to one of us, it would adversely affect our bottom line. Terry and Pat understand partnership businesses and were able to show us some solutions that, while they wouldn’t replace the person, would give the business the breathing room it needed to recover and get back on track.​
    Alfonso Gentile, Craig Munro
    Craler Transport Ltd.​​
  • Tina Asselin
    I first met Paul Gagne in early 2001, where he was the Group insurance agent representing the national charity I was working for. He was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Almost immediately, I felt at ease dealing with Paul. His easy going manner and willingness to get the answers he may not have when I ask a question make it a pleasure to do business with him. In 2007, I changed jobs, and immediately called Paul to look after rolling my group coverage into personal coverage. Several weeks later, I again called on Paul as my new company was shopping for group insurance. We’ve been with him ever since. He is hard working and always willing to go that extra mile for his clients.
    Tina Asselin
  • Michel Hébert
    What I have most appreciated over the past twenty years in my dealings with Pat Donvito is the flexibility in the programs he has offered us. With Pat, I have planned an estate, started and kept up plans for my wife and our children. Through his help I was able to offer a very competitive insurance plan to my employees. The changes and additions we have made over the years were always done in a very professional manner. I have always felt my interests and those of my family were Pat’s top priority.
    Michel Hébert
  • Ingrid Ulrich
    Paul Gagne has handled the group insurance plan as well as the key-person life insurance policies of Ulrich Metrology for the past 15 years with professionalism, confidentiality and a sense of dedication that is far from common. With a focus on striving to ensure the best program value for the dollars invested, we trust Paul to guide us in offering insurance benefits that take care of our most valuable resources, our employees. Paul has consistently provided us with sound advice and the highest level of customer care in all areas of our group insurance needs. I highly recommend Paul to business owners who are seeking to enhance employee retention, who are looking for the most cost effective solutions and who value integrity and service.​
    Ingrid Ulrich
  • Erik Moisan
    ​After dealing with Terry for part of my insurance needs for many years, Donvito O’Neill Gagné & Associates is now responsible for all of my insurance needs. Terry has spent a significant amount of time getting to know me and my family thoroughly and creating a long term plan that fit my goals. Terry invested even more time to make sure that my spouse completely understood all the details of what the plan involved, and therefore why we are following this plan. His knowledge and expertise allowed him to communicate the details and thus easily illustrate to her how the plan was going to realize what we wanted to accomplish. Lastly, but certainly not the least, as a client it gives me great peace of mind to know that if something were to happen to me, Terry and his team will be there to help my family implement the steps needed to ensure their financial security.​
    Erik Moisan

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